British food in Seijo Ishii supermarkets

Slightly updated 20 September 2015 to take out some foods I know aren’t available any more. See lists of latest British foods for more up to date info on food available in Seijo Ishii shops.

They are pretty expensive but there are 40 stores in Tokyo, mainly near or even in station buildings, and even quite small stores usually have Twinings tea at reasonable prices and 40 PG Tips for five or six hundred yen. Some stores also sometimes have Vegemite and/ or Marmite, although it’s over 750 yen for a tiny jar of the latter!

Here’s a full list of the food that might be of particular interest to my fellow countrymen that I found in the Atago Hills branch yesterday:

Sweet stuff

lemon curd for 770 yen or 619 yen

HobNobs for 294 yen

Walkers shortbread

Cadbury Dairy Milk 290 yen

Bounty bars

Milky Way

Terry’s Chocolate Orange 609 yen

After Eights

fudge for 630 yen

Caramel shortcake

Ginger and Lime and Lemon marmalades

Scotch Whiskey marmalade

Alpen 830 yen

Walkers Xmas pudding 1190 yen

Bass Pale Ale (brewed in Japan) for 290 yen

Newcastle Brown Ale 380 yen


5 nan for 420 yen

Sharwoods mango chutney and various kinds of curry sauce


made in England mild or strong cheddar and redcheddar 260 yen per 100 grams

stilton for 550 yen

tiny Marmite for 790 yen

Weetabix for 350 yen

porridge oats for 683 yen

Carr’s crackers for 279 yen

Sarsons malt vinegar

PG Tips 690 yen for 40

Tins of sliced beets

Store guide in Japanese

The ones which I know how to find are:

Omori – Come out of the Central exit ticket barriers and turn left, then right when you get out of the building, meaning you are going down the stairs to street level on the side with no escalators. When you get to the street continue in the same direction with the station building on your right at Seijo Ishii is on your right literally one minute later.

Gotanda – Come out of the JR ticket barriers and turn right. When you get out onto the street turn right and its in the station building on your right.

Oimachi – Come out of the central ticket barriers and continue straight ahead through the glass doors into the Atre department store. It’s the second store from the left, next to some crappy bakery with a French name.

Marunouchi – In the basement of Shin-Maru Biru, which connects directly to Tokyo and Marunouchi stations

Akasaka – Akasaka Hills, first floor

These ones also sound easy to find:

Yurakucho – In the basement of Lumine building 2

Akihabara – On the third floor of Atre 1, which is connected to the station

Kichijouji – Atre, 1st floor

Roppongi – Roppongi Hills North Tower, basement

Yotsuya – Atre, 1st floor

Meguro – Atre, basemen

Shinjuku – Opera City, basement and Lumine B2

Ebisu – Atre, 3rd floor

Tachikawa – Lumine, 1st floor

Shinagawa – Lumine 1st floor


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