The best tea in Tokyo coffee shops

No, not the tea ceremony – I personally seek out the nearest I can find to a cup of Yorkshire Tea between lessons. Here are my personal selections:

1. Excelsior Assam – 280 yen

2. Doutor “hot tea” – 200 yen (and pack of teabags sometimes available to try and sometimes your best option that way too)

3. KFC Assam – 200 yen, or with a meal in place of Coke

4. Jonathans drink bar – around 400 yen for drink all you like for as long as you like

5. Starbucks English Breakfast – 390 yen for a “grande”

6. Starbucks Earl Grey

7. Other Excelsior teas

8. The more expensive teas in Tullys

Just about bearable

1. Blenz orange pekoe

2. Mos Burger tea

3. Tullys hot tea

4. Gusto drinks bar tea

5. Zoka Coffee tea (nice but very weak indeed and in those annoying big but shallow cups that go cold in seconds)

6. Bagel and Bagel tea (no worse than the bagels)

5. Mr Donut

The worst

1. Uejima “hot tea” – 390 yen for a tiny so called L size, with luke warm water and crappy quality tea

2. Kohikan – similar

3. Caffe Veloce – only 210 yen, but there are days I wouldn’t drink it for free (although I used to, maybe I just overdid it)

4. Macdonalds – only 100 yen, but Lipton Piss-coloured Label and you can taste the cup. Nice hot water though.

5. Renoir – And incredibly over-priced

Can’t remember/ not sure


Royal Host drinks bar


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