British food in Hanamasa

Updated 20 September 2015 to include English language store guide

Hanamasa is a big chain of shops with some cheap stuff (although not usually as cheap as the appearance of the shop would make you imagine), and some imported stuff like Brazilian stew that is difficult to get elsewhere.

Not much of specific interest of those from the UK during my last visit, unfortunately, but here it is:

-cottage cheese 368yen

– New Zealand red cheddar 500 grams for 980 yen

– two small nan for 200 yen

– apricot jam 138 yen

-quite nice fruit “pound cake”

Also often reasonably cheap porridge oats.

Store guide in English

Ones I know how to get to:

Oimachi – come out of North exit, turn left and left again to follow the train tracks, go in the building with Gold’s Gym a little way down on your right and it’s in the basement

Omori – inside the station building. Go out the North ticket barriers, turn left, go down the escalator to B2.

Ichigaya – Go along the canal and rail lines towards Iidabashi for about ten minutes, or go in the opposite direction from Iidabashi station, which might actually be slightly closer.

Ginza – very near Don Quijote, and so actually nearer Shimbashi


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