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British beer in Aeon supermarkets

My local Aeon near Shinagawa Seaside station has a special “liquor store” section with a pretty good selection on beers at not bad prices. They have a very good selection of American real ales and a pretty good selection of Belgian ones, plus these from the UK:

Traquair House Ale and Jabobite Ale (800 yen for 330 ml, but worth it!)

London Pride

Bishops Finger

Newcastle Brown


Summary post of British beer in Tokyo coming up soonish. In the meantime, click on the category of that name for more posts on the subject.


British food and drink in 82 Ale House pubs

Updated 27 September 2015

82 Ale House is a chain owned by the same people as Hub, but has a much more laid back atmosphere and, nicest of all, is quite often at street level and sometimes even has chairs outside, rather than being in the basement as Hub for some reason always seems to be. Their own ale is half decent (which makes up for Bass and Guinness being the other main beers) and the food is quite nice, if tiny.They are not especially authentic (no forks, only chopsticks!) but at least you get to pay at the bar with each order instead of messing around with bills and table service.

There are branches in Kanda, Shinagawa, Akasaka, Mita (near Tamachi), Hamamatsucho, Shinjuku Sanchome, Akihabara, Shinjuku Nishi Guchi, Higashi Ginza, Kinshicho, Shibuya, and Gotanda. The staff in the Hamatsucho branch I went to were happy to speak English and the Kinshicho one has a surprisingly nice view and a big non-smoking area.

British drinks at 82 Ale House

82 Ale – 900 yen a pint

One guest ale a month, usually okay but nothing special – 1000 a pint

Bass (brewed in Japan, and even worse than recent British Bass) 900 yen a pint

Aspall dry Suffolk ale 500ml for 1200 yen

35 kinds of Scotch

British food at 82 Ale House

beef and Guinness stew 540 yen (recommended)

fish and chips 480 yen (real Sarson’s vinegar but only tatare sauce, no ketchup or brown sauce, and a bit greasy)

roast beef with mashed potato 540 yen

Stilton cheese 380 yen

tiny haggis and mash 350 yen

There have also been shepherds pie and liver pate, but not when I went there recently

Getting there

Japanese language store guide with links to maps

Akasaka Mitsuke branch’s page with menu and English language map

English language reviews of the Shinagawa branch

English language review of the Akihabara branch with Japanese language map

Shinjuku sanchome branch page with English language menu and map

Gotanda branch page with link to English language map

Shibuya branch page with link to English map

Kinshicho branch page with link to English map

Higashi Ginza branch page with link to English map

British food and beer in Nissin supermarket, Azabu Juban

There seems to be little competition for the title of best international supermarket in Tokyo – it is quite clearly Nissin in Azabu-Juban, for its huge range and okay prices. It’s also the best place for British food and beer (although Yamaya runs it close for beer and is cheaper).

Food and drink of interest to Brits on my recent visit below, with each section given in order of how difficult they are to find elsewhere and with stars next to those that I’ve only seen in this shop:

New stuff seen in May 2013

Firefly drinks 519 yen

Fentimans Ginger Beer 368 yen

Sage Derby cheese 930 yen

Shropshire blue 790 yen

Tyrrells crisps 252 yen

Indian, West Indian and Middle Eastern


uncooked pappadams*

Jamaican jerk seasoning*

lime pickle

frozen falafel

frozen pita bread

frozen samosas*

frozen hummus

lots of Sharwood curry powder and curry paste

Pataks curry sauce

frozen nan

Other savoury stuff

HP sauce*

huge tin of Colmans English mustard powder*


halal meat*

frozen Vilis meat pies* 480 yen

assortment of Vilis meat pies including sausage rolls*

frozen macaroni cheese*

Very large pack of frozen Canadian bacon (not cooked like Japanese bacon) for 900 yen*

instant mashed potato powder

Marmite 727 yen

Vegemite 420 yen

frozen lamb rack

Sarsons malt vinegar

Lawrys turkey gravy 238 yen

Norberts frozen turkey for around 2000 yen

S&W tinned cranberry sauce 380 yen

Sweet stuff

Walkers 9 mincemeat tarts 945 tarts

Glenfiddich 6 luxury mince pies 1365 yen*

frozen rhubarb*

Chivers marmalade and jam*

Tate and Lyle sugar*

Nestle custard powder* (not there last time I looked)

tiny Walkers Xmas pudding 578 yen

frozen raspberries


jar of Robertsons mincemeat

Lyles golden syrup

Drinks (tea, beer and cider)

Wells IPA 440*

Youngs beer*

Bewleys Irish tea

Fuller ESB

Boddingtons 420 yen


Bombardier 540

London Pride

Bishop’s Finger

PG Tips

Getting there

It’s just a couple of minutes from Azabu Juban station (although a fair walk underground to the right exit from the ticket barriers) almost under a huge expressway:

Nissin World Delicatessan access information in English

British food in Queens Isetan

This shop seems to vary a lot by location. This was the one basically in Shinagawa Station near the East Exit.

Lyles golden syrup 493 yen

Hobgoblin dark English ale 380 yen

Harrods tea, coffee, jam, apple sauce, chutney, relish, pickle and brown sauce (for hilariously high prices)

Continental roast meat gravy

Mrs Bridges horseradish, tatare sauce, tea and coffee

tinned cranberry sauce

Sarsons malt vinegar 399 yen

Pataks curry paste

Ridgways tea

Clipper tea

plus the usual Walkers shortbread, Carrs crackers, Twinnings tea, etc.

Store guide in Japanese only

British food from the Foreign Buyers’ Club

Most of this stuff is available in import shops for slightly less if you shop around, but the fact that you can do all this on their website is obviously a selling point, and I’ve put things I haven’t seen elsewhere near the top of the list below.

Vili’s Gourmet Meat Pie – Beef/ Chicken/ Beef and Mushroom – ¥400

Redvines Licorice Twists – Original Red: ¥350

Lawry’s Turkey Gravy Mix: ¥290

Betty Crocker Pie Crust Mix (Makes two crusts): ¥490

Tree Top Apple Sauce – Natural, No Sugar Added: ¥440

Punjabi Samosa – 12/pkg: ¥660

Alishan Dried Brown Lentils, Organic: ¥540

Brussels Sprouts: ¥760

Cottage Cheese: ¥615

Feta Cheese (Sheep’s milk): ¥795

Fantastic Food Falafel Mix: ¥490

Baked Whole Apple Pie: ¥2,020

Betty Crocker Potato Buds (Real Mashed Potatoes): ¥570

Adama Pita Bread – Whole Wheat (5/pkg, 6 inch): ¥570

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese – Cheesiest: ¥300

Heinz Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce: ¥430

S&W Cranberry Sauce – Jellied (397g): ¥420

Kraft Vegemite: ¥480

Libby’s Sweet Peas, canned: ¥290

Alpen Muesli – Original: ¥480

Robertson’s Traditional Mincemeat: ¥685

I only went through the first 30 of 200 pages, so there must be plenty more.

British food in Kinokuniya

That’s the international supermarket rather than the bookshop!

You can get most of this elsewhere and the prices are nothing special, but I was just in the smaller Omo branch in Akasaka and there will might be more in the big branches like Omotesando.

Food of possible particular interest to Brits

Kraft Macaroni cheese


Aooni IPA (a great Japanese India pale ale, though more American style than British)

Duchy Originals biscuits

Tim Tams (similar to Penguins)

Walkers shortbread


Clipper tea

Carrs crackers

Getting there

English language map for the Omotesando branch

Store guide in Japanese

British food in Meidi-ya

Generally I wouldn’t recommend Meidi-ya, as it’s expensive and really caters for the Japanese taste in Western products. There are a few things that are difficult to get elsewhere though (near the top of this list):

small Walkers rich fruit pudding 1260 yen

Colman’s mustard 450 yen

Pataks curry paste

Robertsons mincemeat 699 yen

Vegemite 420 yen

damson jam

green pea soup

Quaker oatmeal

Scottish porridge oats

lemon curd

Harrods tea, coffee, pickles and brown sauce for silly prices, e.g. about 1400 yen for the brown sauce


fake After Eights

I went to the one in the basement on Maru Biru (opposite Tokyo station) and there are four other large shops in Tokyo:

English language store guide (click on the photos for Japanese-language maps)