British food in Daimaru Peacock supermarkets

As I wrote when I gave my rather disappointing list of Waitrose food in Daimaru Peacock, actually most of the stuff of interest to my fellow countrymen in that store comes from other companies, and here it is:

Brand’s A1 brown sauce 498 yen (a bit runny, but tastes reasonably like HB Sauce)

S and W tin of cranberry sauce 420 yen (actually American)

McCormick brown gravy mix 145 yen for a single serving packet (ditto)

Stilton for 365 yen

Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce 400 yen

Clipper teas

Campbell’s soup, e.g. chunky soup for around 400 yen for a big can

Australian red cheddar 880 yen

porridge oats from 385 yen

Sharwood’s mango chutney 558 yen (available for much cheaper elsewhere, e.g. in Kaldi)

McVitie’s digestives and chocolate digestives (available many places and the same price here)

Walkers shortbread (ditto)

Carr’s crackers (ditto, if fewer places than the two above)

Wilkin and Son jams



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  1. Posted by alexcase on August 15, 2013 at 5:23 am

    Updated list from my visit a couple of days ago:
    Daimaru Peacock Shiba-ura Island
    Ridgways herb teas 798 yen
    Clipper tea bags 630 yen
    Waitrose 80 Gold tea bags 575 yen
    small tin of Waitrose baked beans 178 yen
    Brand’s A1 Sauce 498 yen
    Waitrose tomato and chilli pasta sauce 518 yen
    Waitrose 50 Earl Grey teabags 298 yen
    50 Darjeeling tea bags 405 yen 405 yen


  2. As mentioned on other posts, all Waitrose food now gone from Daimaru Peacock, but granola (only) available in some other Aeon-owned shops


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