British Xmas food in Tokyo

2013 list

Much of it is actually American, but have only listed things which make me think of British Chrimbo:

Crackers – National Azabu (upstairs)

Lawry’s turkey gravy – Kinokuniya – 210 yen

S&W tin of cranberry sauce – Kinokuniya – 368 yen

Kraft turkey stuffing – Kinokuniya – 787 yen

Frozen turkey – Kinokuniya

Walker’s Xmas pudding – small and large(ish) – Seijo Ishii

Walker’s mincepies – Seijo Ishii

2011 list

Foreign Buyers’ Club turkey roast page

– Xmas pudding (small one for over 1000 yen) from Walkers (the shortbread company) in Meidi-ya in the basement of Maru-Biru (the Marunouchi Building) opposite Tokyo station,  Seijo Ishii,  Nissin and to be delivered from Foreign Buyer’s Club.

– Walkers 9 mincemeat tarts 945 tarts* and Glenfiddich 6 luxury mince pies 1365 yen* from Nissin

– frozen turkey from 2000 yen in Nissin

– jars of Robertson’s Mincemeat in the same Meidi-ya, in my local Kaldi Coffee Farm , from Nissin and from Foreign Buyer’s Club.

– (tinned, American) S&W cranberry sauce in Daimaru Peacock in Shiba-ura Island, Miura-ya above Iidabashi station, Queens Isetan, from Foreign Buyer’s Club, Nissin and most other import shops

– Walkers rich fruit cake (400g so small, but looks like a Xmas cake without icing) for a rather outrageous 1260 yen from Sony Plaza and in Nissin

and general stuff for a roast:

– gravy powder in Daimaru Peacock, Queens Isetan, Nissin (Lawry’s turkey gravy)

– Colman’s English mustard in Meidi-ya and Nissin (both jar and powdered)

I’ll post more things as I find them, and please also add your own finds in the comments section.

Relevant-looking links:

Tokyo’s best Xmas dinner

10 Tokyo Xmas feasts on TimeOut Tokyo website (2010 but mainly still relevant)

Xmas in Tokyo on sunnypages, including tips on getting turkeys


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by alexcase on December 21, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    Just found this stuff in Kinokuniya in Kunitachi:

    frozen turkey

    gravy powder


    cranberry sauce

    stuffing mix

    basting trays

    mince tarts

    Xmas pudding


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