British food from the Foreign Buyers’ Club

Most of this stuff is available in import shops for slightly less if you shop around, but the fact that you can do all this on their website is obviously a selling point, and I’ve put things I haven’t seen elsewhere near the top of the list below.

Vili’s Gourmet Meat Pie – Beef/ Chicken/ Beef and Mushroom – ¥400

Redvines Licorice Twists – Original Red: ¥350

Lawry’s Turkey Gravy Mix: ¥290

Betty Crocker Pie Crust Mix (Makes two crusts): ¥490

Tree Top Apple Sauce – Natural, No Sugar Added: ¥440

Punjabi Samosa – 12/pkg: ¥660

Alishan Dried Brown Lentils, Organic: ¥540

Brussels Sprouts: ¥760

Cottage Cheese: ¥615

Feta Cheese (Sheep’s milk): ¥795

Fantastic Food Falafel Mix: ¥490

Baked Whole Apple Pie: ¥2,020

Betty Crocker Potato Buds (Real Mashed Potatoes): ¥570

Adama Pita Bread – Whole Wheat (5/pkg, 6 inch): ¥570

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese – Cheesiest: ¥300

Heinz Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce: ¥430

S&W Cranberry Sauce – Jellied (397g): ¥420

Kraft Vegemite: ¥480

Libby’s Sweet Peas, canned: ¥290

Alpen Muesli – Original: ¥480

Robertson’s Traditional Mincemeat: ¥685

I only went through the first 30 of 200 pages, so there must be plenty more.


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  1. This is Chris from the Foreign Buyers’ Club, thank you for such a kind post and great list. I added your list to our British link, so this link: should show you everything (plus a little more). Not an exhaustive list by any means – I only listed two sausages, but we carry over 20. Thanks for bringing great info to all us expats!


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