British food and beer in Nissin supermarket, Azabu Juban

There seems to be little competition for the title of best international supermarket in Tokyo – it is quite clearly Nissin in Azabu-Juban, for its huge range and okay prices. It’s also the best place for British food and beer (although Yamaya runs it close for beer and is cheaper).

Food and drink of interest to Brits on my recent visit below, with each section given in order of how difficult they are to find elsewhere and with stars next to those that I’ve only seen in this shop:

New stuff seen in May 2013

Firefly drinks 519 yen

Fentimans Ginger Beer 368 yen

Sage Derby cheese 930 yen

Shropshire blue 790 yen

Tyrrells crisps 252 yen

Indian, West Indian and Middle Eastern


uncooked pappadams*

Jamaican jerk seasoning*

lime pickle

frozen falafel

frozen pita bread

frozen samosas*

frozen hummus

lots of Sharwood curry powder and curry paste

Pataks curry sauce

frozen nan

Other savoury stuff

HP sauce*

huge tin of Colmans English mustard powder*


halal meat*

frozen Vilis meat pies* 480 yen

assortment of Vilis meat pies including sausage rolls*

frozen macaroni cheese*

Very large pack of frozen Canadian bacon (not cooked like Japanese bacon) for 900 yen*

instant mashed potato powder

Marmite 727 yen

Vegemite 420 yen

frozen lamb rack

Sarsons malt vinegar

Lawrys turkey gravy 238 yen

Norberts frozen turkey for around 2000 yen

S&W tinned cranberry sauce 380 yen

Sweet stuff

Walkers 9 mincemeat tarts 945 tarts

Glenfiddich 6 luxury mince pies 1365 yen*

frozen rhubarb*

Chivers marmalade and jam*

Tate and Lyle sugar*

Nestle custard powder* (not there last time I looked)

tiny Walkers Xmas pudding 578 yen

frozen raspberries


jar of Robertsons mincemeat

Lyles golden syrup

Drinks (tea, beer and cider)

Wells IPA 440*

Youngs beer*

Bewleys Irish tea

Fuller ESB

Boddingtons 420 yen


Bombardier 540

London Pride

Bishop’s Finger

PG Tips

Getting there

It’s just a couple of minutes from Azabu Juban station (although a fair walk underground to the right exit from the ticket barriers) almost under a huge expressway:

Nissin World Delicatessan access information in English


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