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An A to Z of British food in Tokyo

This is a summary of all my food (rather than drink) related posts – only up to Feb 2012, but updated in September 2015 to remove some things I know aren’t available any more. You can find more details on each of the places mentioned elsewhere on this blog and more up to date info in more recent blogs.

After Eights – many import shops, e.g. Seijo Ishii and Meidi-ya

Alpen muesli – Foreign Buyer’s Club website and Seijo Ishii

apple sauce – Foreign Buyer’s Club website and Queen’s Isetan

baked beans – Many places including Daimaru Peacock, Yamaya and Foreign Buyer’s Club website

bangers & mash- Aldgate pub and Warrior Celt

Beef in Ale – Aldgate pub

blue stilton – see stilton

Bounty bars – Seijo Ishii and Yamaya

Branston pickle – for nearly 1500 yen

brown sauce – Daimaru Peacock, Kaldi, Meidi-ya, Yamaya, Nissin Supermarket and Queen’s Isetan

Brussels Sprouts – Foreign Buyer’s Club website and Nissin

Cadbury’s – see names of different bars

Caramel shortcake – Seijo Ishii and Queen’s Isetan for about 700 yen

cheddar – many places, e.g. Daimaru Peacock, Kaldi, Seijo Ishii, Kaldi, but usually from Australia or New Zealand

Chocolate digestives – most supermarkets and convenience stores

chocolate orange – Kaldi, Seijo Ishii and Yamaya

Christmas pudding – Meidi-ya, Nissin supermarket, Seijo Ishii

Chutney – Queen’s Isetan

Clipper teas – Daimaru Peacock

Colman’s mustard – see English mustard

Cornish Pastie – Aldgate pub

Cottage Pie – Aldgate pub

crackers – all import shops and some supermarkets

cranberry sauce – Daimaru Peacock, Foreign Buyer’s Club website, Nissin supermarket and Queen’s Isetan, especially around Xmas

custard powder – Nissin supermarket, but only a tiny packet

Daddy’s sauce – Never seen this brand, but see brown sauce

Dairy Milk chocolate – Kinokuniya, Kaldi and Seijo Ishii

Digestives – most supermarkets and convenience stores – the Japanese brands are also fine, if a little sweet

English mustard – Meidi-ya and Nissin (also sometimes available as powder)

Faggots – Aldgate pub

Fish & Chips – almost all British pubs, plus Marin’s restaurant in Roppongi

fudge – Kaldi and Seijo Ishii

Ginger marmalade – Seijo Ishii

golden syrup – Nissin supermarket and Queen’s Isetan

gravy powder – Daimaru Peacock, Foreign Buyer’s Club website and Queen’s Isetan

Haggis – 82 Ale House and Warrior Celt

HobNobs – Seijo Ishii

Horseradish – Queen’s Isetan and Kaldi

HP sauce – see brown sauce

Instant mash – Foreign Buyer’s Club website and some other places

Jacket Potato – Aldgate pub

Lea and Perrins – see Worcestershire Sauce

lemon curd – Meidi-ya and Seijo Ishii

Lime and Lemon marmalade – Seijo Ishii

Macaroni cheese – Kinokuniya supermarkets

Macvities – See names of biscuits

malt vinegar – Kaldi, Queen’s Isetan, Nissin Supermarket and Seijo Ishii

mango chutney – Daimaru Peacock and Seijo Ishii, but usually cheapest in Kaldi

Marmite – Nissin supermarket and Seijo Ishii

Mars bars – Yamaya

Meat pies – Foreign Buyer’s Club website and Nissin supermarket

mild cheddar – see cheddar

Milky Way – Kaldi, Seijo Ishii, Yamaya

Mincemeat – Foreign Buyer’s Club website, Kaldi and Meidi-ya

mincepies – Nissin supermarket

Oats – See porridge oats

Penguins – sometimes Seijo Ishii (about 300 yen for 9) and Kaldi, plus the Australian equivalent Tim Tams are available almost everywhere

PG Tips – Seijo Ishii and Nissin

Pickle – See sweet pickle

Porridge oats – Most import shops and some supermarkets, e.g. Daimaru Peacock, Seijo Ishii, Yamaya

red cheddar – Hanamasa, Seijo Ishii and Yamaya

rhubarb – Nissin supermarket

Sarson’s – see malt vinegar

sausage rolls – Nissin supermarket

Scotch Whiskey marmalade – Seijo Ishii

shepherds pie – 82 Ale House and Warrior Celt

shortbread – most supermarkets and some convenience stores

Stilton – most import shops and some supermarkets, e.g. Kaldi, Daimaru Peacock and Seijo Ishii, plus 82 Ale House

strong cheddar – see cheddar

Sweet pickle – Meidi-ya and Queen’s Isetan (only Harrods in both, so crazy expensive)

Terry’s Chocolate Orange – see chocolate orange

Toad in The Hole – Aldgate pub

Toblerone – Kaldi, Seijo Ishii and Sony Plaza

Weetabix – Seijo Ishii

Welsh Rarebit – Aldgate pub

Worcestshire Sauce – most import shops and some supermarkets, e.g. Daimaru Peacock, Yamaya

Yorkshire Pudding – Aldate pub

British food and beer in the Warrior Celt

Updated 23 September 2015

This is posibly my favourite pub in Tokyo, with a real atmosphere and some great food such as Raj Chicken. You never know exactly what you are going to get, e.g. the recipes change all the time and the beer is sometimes off, but that is all part of its character for me…

Draft beer

Theakston’s XB (but served terribly!)

Theakston’s Old Peculiar (but the pump was broken when I was there)


St Austell Proper Job IPA (only for complete hop freaks)

Timothy Taylor Boltmaker and Landlord beers

plus a few others – possibly up to date list here.



Haggis pizza (though no haggis when we were there)

Pie of the day


See the same link above for the latest menu