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BrewDog bar in Roppongi

I’m not a huge fan of either the very modern American style beers that BrewDog makes nor their marketing, but they are certainly the most high profile British brewers in Japan at the moment and they also stock other people’s beers, so I thought I’d give them a mention

Tokyo Beer Drinker review

TimeOut Tokyo review

Information in English

Information in Japanese (a bit more detailed than the English page)


Waitrose food now disappeared from Japan

Updated 30 December 2015

Waitrose foods were long available in the Daimaru Peacock chain and that spread to other Aeon supermarkets when they bought the Daimaru stores, but it appears that was just to clear the backlog of stock and unfortunately it’s a month or so since I’veĀ found anything, despite my best efforts. Will keep you updated if I do see any last dregs anywhere…