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British Xmas food in Tokyo 2014

Updated 15 December 2014.

Don’t know if it’s the exchange rate, but there seems to be less than last year. Seijo Ishii (top) has a slight discount on Xmas pudding and mince pies and so is currently the cheapest for those things. However, not all locations have them.

Seijo Ishii, many locations often inside station buildings, e.g. Gotanda station building and inside Shinjuku JR (actually inside the station, near platform one)

Walkers Xmas pudding 451g 1394 yen

Walkers Xmas pudding 227g 1070 yen

9 Walker’s mince pies 854 yen

However, the same shop in Oimachi seemed to have nothing!

Queen’s Isetan, a few locations including inside Shinagawa Station

9 Walker’s mince pies 890 yen

Walker’s Xmas pudding 227g 1180 yen

Kinokuniya, a few locations including Kunitachi

turkey stuffing

cranberry sauce

turkey gravy

Xmas shaped shortbread

Nissin, Azabu Juban

Robertson’s Mincemeat jar 972 yen

fresh brussel sprouts 680 yen

frozen brussel sprouts 823 yen

tiny Walkers Xmas pudding 594 yen

Meiji-ya (various locations including in the basement on Marunouchi Building – commonly known as Maru Biru – opposite Tokyo Station)

9 Walkers mince tarts 227 gram 972 yen

Walkers Xmas pudding 1296 yen

Walkers rich fruit cake

Yamaya, many places including near Hamamatscho Station

French Cake aux fruits, probably suitable for icing to make a reasonable Xmas cake (or at least that is my plan) 600 yen

Kaldi Coffee House (many locations, often in or near stations)

Just Walkers Xmas-shaped shortbread (which doesn’t seem especially Xmasy to me!) and the same cake as Yamaya



National Azabu, Hiroo

good roast chickens, plus more stuff I’m sure – hope to get there on Monday

Aeon (many locations, including Shinagawa Seaside)

very reasonable whole roast chickens

more info on those various locations elsewhere on this blog. Any more finds in comments please!


Malins fish and chips in Roppongi review

I finally made it to this restaurant today, 6 weeks after mentioning its existence.

My generally judgement would be that it was okay, and probably the best fish and chips and pie and chips you can get if you are eating out in Japan. The chips were proper British chips, the fish was proper British size, and there were mushy peas, malt vinegar, ketchup and tatare sauce to go with them. None of the food and accompaniments were any better than a local chippy in the UK, and I’d certainly want a much more moist meat pie and tastier batter if I was going to travel any further than locally back home, but this is after all Japan… Villis meat pies from Nissin supermarket are probably at least as good and it was a bit pricey at around 1400 yen each, but I’ll probably go back if they serve gravy (said to be coming soon) and brown sauce (neither provided nor mentioned). The pickled eggs and pickled onions which are part of the decor would also be something I would order if I could!

As a commenter says below, it’s right opposite Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi, so very easy to find. Follow the signs to Tokyo Midtown from the station platform but then take the street exit (8?) rather than the one that goes right into the basement of the building. Look across the street at little to your left and there it is. There are only about 10 seats, so might have to wait in the evenings. They also have some decent beers such as Samuel Smith ales at reasonable prices (650 yen), and the British classic rock radio playing in the background suited the atmosphere quite well.

Official website: Malins Fish and Chips