Scottish sandwiches in Hiroo, Tokyo

I’d never heard of Scottish (toasted) sandwiches until I walked past the food van outside National Azabu in Hiroo and then saw it in one of the English listings magazines, but have been wanting to try it ever since. We therefore made sure to not have lunch before our next (twice yearly or so) shop at that international supermarket. We had the Macbeth (haggis, cheese, rocket, etc) and Robert the Bruce (chicken, whiskey mustard, cheese, etc) as they sounded the most Scottish/ least normal, and very delicious they were too. It takes a while, but there is a bench to sit on to wait and eat and a park directly opposite with plenty of nice places to sit. No hint of a Scottish accent, but the staff do speak English. Recommended!

They go elsewhere for events sometimes, so worth checking they are in Hiroo and open before making a special trip: Twitter feed (Japanese only) Instagram page (Japanese and English)

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  1. Also found them in a food hall in Tennozu Isle.


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