This is a spinoff from my JapanExplained blog, which was itself a spinoff from my TEFLtastic blog. Can’t imagine what the next spinoff will be – one just for lower middle class Sussex boys in Tokyo with a Japanese wife and five year old kid??


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  1. Posted by junkymotown on March 16, 2015 at 9:11 am

    Just in case you fancied expanding out into Yokohama/Kanagawa…!

    You can buy Weetabix at the import shop in the basement of Tokyu at Tama Plaza. It’s imported from Hong Kong so the box is in Chinese and English, but it’s made in the UK! Pricewise… it was about 303 yen for a pack of twelve.

    The same shop had Cornflakes (altho a German brand).

    Also – Aeon/My Basket in some parts of Yokohama has Waitrose museli / oaty crunch type stuff at about 498 yen for a kilogram.

    And then you can buy cans of Boddingtons in Don Quijote in Shimbashi/Shiodome.

    Hope that helps!


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